Why myInvest

Intelligent investing for everyone.

Proven Investment Managers

myInvest's experienced investment team use a proven combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques on all of our portfolios, no matter what the size.

Tax Efficient

myInvest offers both ISAs and SIPPs to make sure your investment goals are achieved in the most tax-efficient way.

Goal-Driven Investment

myInvest will work with you to help you reach your investment goals. Our flexible solutions allow you to create multiple investment portfolios that you control; you can invest as much as you want for as long as you want and you can switch your investment between your portfolios instantly and at no additional cost.


with myInvest, your money is invested immediately in the market at the best price possible. You are always kept informed about what is happening with your investments

Fractional Shares

with myInvest you can invest as much as you want, for as long as you want and how you want.

MyInvest combines active investment management with technological innovation to manage money for you.

  • Regular Payments

    Use myInvest Regular Deposits to help your financial planning process.
  • Active Rebalancing

    myInvest uses active investment management strategies to manage your money - we monitor and rebalance your investment continuously and seamlessly.
  • Working with you

    myInvest will ensure we understand your goals and we will review these and your investment behaviours regularly.

Transparent and always accessible.

  • Simple and Intuitive

    myInvest is designed to allow you to manage your investments simply and efficiently. We believe in investor empowerment and we will continuously improve the way we communicate with you.

  • Complete Investment Process

    myInvest's management are experienced financial services practitioners - we understand good financial operations and products. We safeguard the whole investment process, from receipt of your initial investment money to managing your money and beyond.

  • Best Possible Execution

    myInvest will always seek the best value for its customers - we will construct your portfolio using ETFs brought directly from the Market, not via brokers. Because we will use fractional shares, you will always be fully invested in a diversified portfolio.

Your financial health is important...
myInvest works with you for your financial well-being.
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