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We only charge you 0.5% of what your investments are worth per year for our investment management service
  • Your myInvest Annual Fee
    0.5% That’s just {{amount/10400 | currency : '£' :2}} per week.
  • You Could Have An Additional
    {{ getCompetitorFutureValue() | currency:'£' :0}} After 20 years compared to typicalcompetitor. Learn more.
  • Waiting 1 Year to Start Could Mean
    {{ getFutureValue() | currency:'£' :0}} Less after 20 years. Learn more..
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Your fee rate is based on your total contributions, including ISAs and pensions. That fee rate is then applied to the overall value of your myInvest portfolio. When investing there are also some underlying fund costs, which you’ll encounter with any provider – though not everyone is so open about them. We work hard to keep the fund costs as low as we can for you (currently averaging 0.19% compared to 1.58% for UK active funds) so you can benefit from better net returns.

Compare Our Fee

  Getting Started Min. Investment Fees Underlying Portfolio Cost Additional Costs
10 minutes online, anytime. None. 0.5% Avg. fund cost—0.19% No trading or set up fees. Always transparent in what we charge.
Do it yourself (Execution only)
Research what funds and/or shares to buy. None. Typically £10-£12/trade. Discounts for high-volume trading. Depends on your asset selection. Stamp duty, dividend reinvestment, administration fees and numerous others.
Financial Advisor (IFA)
Face-to-face meetings. Typically £50K+ Typically £75-£250/hour plus platform fees — 1% and up. Avg. fund cost—1%. Setup fees — up to 3% Trading fees — up to 0.5%
Traditional Discretionary Manager
Face-to-face meetings. Typically £250K+ 1.85% or more, with discounts for multi-million investments. Avg. fund cost—1%. Trading fees of around 1.2% of transaction value. Additional fees often charged.

What Do Fees Affect My Money?

If You Invest £10,000 £50,000 £250,000
  The Fee You Pay with MyInvest £50 per year £250 per year £1,250 per year
  The Fee You Pay with Typical Discretionary Manager £185 per year £925 per year £4,625 per year

+0.19% average underlying fund costs(compared to UK active fund average of 1.58%)

  • No Account Fees

    There is no charge for opening an account with myInvest.

  • No Transaction Costs

    myInvest will not charge you for any banking fees or any other administrative fees - its all in the myInvest management fee.

  • No Trading Fees

    myInvest will not charge you for all the market transactions we do on your behalf while we actively managed your investments. We buy directly from the world's money markets and we use this efficiency to enhance your investment performance.

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