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Your capital is at risk. The value of any investment with myInvest is subject to financial market fluctuations and you may get back less than you invested.

General Investing

MyInvest will actively invest your money in a General Investment Account ("GIA") using techniques previously unavailable to online investors.

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Invest in an ISA

Let myInvest manage your ISA and use your tax-free allowance in the most efficient way to maximise your financial gains.

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Investing for My Pension

MyInvest will manage your investments within a professionally managed tax-optimised pension service.

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myInvest helps you plan for your financial future

Share your financial goals with us and myInvest will provide you with an actively managed investment portfolio to help achieve them. myInvest will use proven dynamic investment and risk management techniques previously unavailable to online investors. Using Exchange Traded Funds ("ETFs") as the building blocks, myInvest will create a portfolio for you that is professional managed, transparent, fully liquid and cost effective.

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You are in control

myInvest will work with you to understand your financial objectives and the best way to achieve them. But your financial goals may change very quickly - this is why with myInvest you can switch to a lower or higher risk portfolio whenever you like at no cost instantly. You can even close a portfolio whenever you want with no additional fees and invest in one of our money market products if you want to take a break from the markets and reinvest whenever you want. Whatever your decisions, myInvest will always be with you.

Experts are behind every choice we make for you.

Share your financial goals with us and we will provide an actively managed investment strategy to help you achieve them. Your money will be invested in globally diversified portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds ("ETF's") using our own proven investment methodology. myInvest will use the most efficient technologies, processes and partners to deliver the best investment management we can.

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  • No minimum investment

    You can invest as much as you like for as long as you like - myInvest will always provide a fully diversified transparent portfolio because we use our own fractional shares technology.

  • Smarter Automation

    myInvest's automated tools, such as myInvest Regular Deposits and Pingit, means that you will never miss an opportunity to invest your money.

  • Dynamic Portfolio Management

    myInvest's investment team will use their own proven dynamic investment and risk management techniques to provide institutional-grade investment to you. Your portfolio will be constantly monitored and managed, ensuring that your investments are given the best possible opportunity for growth.

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